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icon 粘合割伤部位胶带
icon 透明薄膜 IV
icon 透明薄膜卷
icon 具有非粘合吸收垫的透明薄膜
icon 消毒透明薄膜敷裹
icon 手术丝绸胶带
icon 一次性非粘合敷裹垫
icon 一次性抗腐烂擦拭签
icon 具有非粘合性吸收垫的粘合型非机织面料胶带
icon 非粘合性敷裹薄纱
icon 异丙基酒精擦拭签
icon 无机织面料的粘合胶带
icon 弹性粘合橡皮膏
icon 手术纸胶带


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Welcome to Celekta Co., Ltd.

Korea Origin

Wound Care Principle

  • Newplus IV - Smart IV Care,
  • Arcban - Sustained Sterile Operation
  • Newplus Alpha - Pain Free Healing / Waterproof

Wound Care Philisophy

clinical, scientific and educational wound healing
enhancing Healthcare products and solutions

Celekta is a leader in medical and surgical instrument manufacturing.
We have made healthcare consumables.

  • Transparent film tape
  • Surgical Tape
  • Mesh dressing
  • Handy dressing

Celekta specialize in breathable films moisture vapor permeable of either microporous [channeled] or monolithic [solid] form and Specialized coatings on Healthcare.
We provide medically effective and cost efficient items and services of advanced bio adhesive system and woundcare solution

Celekta will continue on advanced environment friendly medical surgical tapes introduction to Health Care and Health Care industry

Thank you for your honorific interests and continuous observation.

We happily join in your healthcare service and supplies.

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